City Light, Alternative Energy Systems in Concord, NC

Our Story

With over thirty-five years experience in power generation, Premium Power Systems is a locally owned and operated provider of generator systems and emergency backup services.  Our company serves clients throughout the East Coast ranging from New York to South Carolina.  We can assist in customize design and installation of emergency generator sets and uninterrupted power supply (UPS) solutions, varying in size from 1 kw to 1500 kw.   Additionally, we offer continued service after the sale.

Our clients include

  • Residential
  • Agricultural & Farming Facilities
  • Emergency Response & Hospital Centers
  • Financial Institutions & HealthCare
  • Local Government - Cities, Towns, & Schools
  • Commercial/Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications

We Keep the Lights On

With everyday challenges as well as the ever changing environment, no one wants to be without power. Rapid response and reliability is key to our success. If a generator system fails during a power outage, your home is out of power or your company is out of business for the duration of that failure. We respond quickly, 24/7. We also perform preventive maintenance services to avoid such emergencies. Your emergency power or uninterrupted power system needs to perform unnoticed. With that in mind, our company strives to keep your power generation equipment in premium, optimum performance. Don't get stuck in the dark, keep the lights on with Premium Power Systems.

Contact us for more information about our generator systems and emergency backup services.  

Shop Hours: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. EST | Scheduled Services: 24/7 | Proudly Serving the East Coast